Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Doorlight Offer Personalized Services?2023-06-19T19:12:25+12:00

At Doorlight, we understand that every customer is different, so we provide personalized compensation packages and services tailored to your needs. We give you a seamless buying and selling experience with services that fit your unique needs.

Do I Have To Sign Anything To Start Working With Doorlight?2023-06-19T19:12:48+12:00

Not as a buyer; however, we’ll ask you to sign an exclusive agency agreement if you decide to list with us. While we provide everything you need to purchase a home you’re always free to work with one of our preferred lenders or another third-party lender of your choice.

What Services Are Included When I Sell My Home?2023-06-19T19:16:16+12:00

Depending on your plan, we’ll take care of everything to get your home market ready so you get top dollar when selling. These services include listing, cleaning, staging, professional photos and a virtual tour, extensive marketing, a pre-inspection report, digital marketing, and hosting open houses for prospective buyers.

How Do You Calculate My Home’s Value?2023-06-19T19:15:07+12:00

Our research team reviews everything from your home details to neighborhood trends to what’s happening in the current market.

Specifically, we compare your home with similar homes in the neighborhood, taking into account square footage, the number of bedrooms, etc. We then look at their price point when sold/pending along with the price point of homes in the market as a whole.

This allows us to see what buyers were willing to pay as well as what the competition would be on the current market.

What Costs Are Involved When I Sell My Home With Doorlight?2023-06-19T19:14:25+12:00

As the listing agent, we have variable compensation packages depending on what services are right for you starting at 0%. See our Choose your plan for more details. As the seller, you also pay the buyer’s agent commission, which typically ranges between 2.5-3%, depending on the market. Additional fees include any local taxes and closing costs associated with the state’s legal requirements.

How Are The Transaction Fees So Low?2023-06-19T19:14:01+12:00

Doorlight’s technology streamlines the real estate experience, allowing consumers to interact directly. We pass these savings back to Doorlight users.

Is Doorlight A For Sale by Owner Website?2023-06-19T19:13:24+12:00

No. On Doorlight, homeowners share their home with the help of a licensed advisor. Their advisor will help with every step of the transaction, from offer negotiation, to paperwork, to closing. However, they have much more control over the process than traditional real estate because of the Seller Portal.

What Is Premier Property Match?2023-06-19T19:29:05+12:00

Premier Property Match is an exclusive service we offer for potential buyers. Recognizing that not all desirable properties are on the open market, we directly communicate our clients’ specific needs and preferences to a network of potential sellers. This proactive approach can often uncover ‘hidden gems’, properties that are off-market or not yet listed, giving our clients a distinct advantage in finding their dream home.

How Does Premier Property Match Work?2023-06-19T19:25:04+12:00

Our Premier Property Match service starts by gaining an in-depth understanding of your unique home preferences, from location and style to budget and specific features. We then use this profile to broadcast your needs to our vast network of potential sellers. It’s a direct line to homeowners who may be interested in selling, but haven’t officially listed their property yet, providing you with access to potential homes before they hit the mainstream market.

What Is Market Whisper?2023-06-19T19:28:21+12:00

Market Whisper is a unique service we provide for homeowners who are considering selling their property but aren’t yet ready to dive into the process. It allows you to ‘test the waters’ of the market, getting a sense of potential interest and value, without having to fully commit to the selling process or prepare your home for listing.

How Can Market Whisper Benefit Me?2023-06-19T19:26:24+12:00

With our Market Whisper service, you’ll get an early indication of your property’s market appeal and potential value, allowing you to make informed decisions about whether to sell and when. It’s a no-obligation way to gauge buyer interest and it can provide valuable insights, such as market trends or pricing feedback, which can be helpful if you decide to sell your home in the future.

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