A re-imagined brokerage a better way.

Doorlight is revolutionizing real estate, innovating better solutions for both you and your clients.

Year Founded

Founded in 2023 – Embracing Innovation in Today’s Real Estate Landscape.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley – At the Epicenter of Real Estate Evolution.

Service Areas

Currently available in 6 key California counties – and continuously expanding.

“In a market as unique as the Bay Area, Doorlight’s dedicated local approach ensures personalized and effective real estate solutions for each client.”

Explore A Better Way

Showcase Your Excellence with Comprehensive Support

Elevate your market presence with Doorlight’s unparalleled marketing support. Our dedicated production team is at your service to create professional video ads and showcase your listings, giving you a visual edge. Benefit from our full-service social media team and creative graphic design experts who work tirelessly to enhance your online visibility. At Doorlight, we invest in growing your presence in the community, helping you build a powerful personal brand that resonates with clients.

Empower Your Business with Advanced Tools

Doorlight is committed to providing our agents with state-of-the-art technology. Our platform is designed to transform how real estate transactions are conducted, making your workflow more efficient and effective. Stay ahead of the curve with tools that streamline your deals, documents, and client management.

Thrive in a Collaborative Network

Being part of Doorlight means joining a community where collaboration and support are key. We foster a culture of kindness, mutual growth, and shared success. Our agents benefit from extensive training, broker support, and opportunities to connect and learn from one another, enhancing their professional journey.

Maximize Your Success with Favorable Commission Splits

At Doorlight, we believe in empowering our agents with a financially advantageous structure. Our low split model is designed to ensure that you keep more of your earnings, fostering both your financial success and your ability to provide exceptional service to your clients.

Discover the advantages of working with Doorlight. Click the link below for more details on joining our innovative team.

Why did I choose Doorlight ?

Don’t just take our word for it listen to why other agents just like you made the switch.

A Better Model For Your Business

  Individuals Team
80/20 Commission Split Only Until Cap
No Monthly Fees
Full Marketing Support
Access to Lead Generation Services
Cutting Edge Technology
Social Media, Graphic Design, Production

“’In a lot of traditional brick and mortar brokerages you are always wearing so many hats. Partnering with Doorlight takes the burden off of the agent which in turn helps the consumer by letting you focus on what really matters.”

Colby Talley

Business Development Manager

A message from our CEO, Jay Grewal

“It started with asking how can we make every aspect of a better experience for the consumer. We found that the human component was always what made the biggest difference, so we built the model to help empower our agents with the tools to ensure the best experience.”

On The Horizon:
Empowering Agents With Cutting-Edge Technology

we have got you covered

Our team is passionately working to provide a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a Doorlight Advisor. Whether it’s the competitive advantages of our low listing commission or the supportive environment we cultivate, more information is available on our platform. Visit our ‘About Us’ section on doorlight.com to delve into the myriad of reasons that make Doorlight an exceptional place for real estate professionals​​​​.

Doorlight is innovating the real estate process by:
Offering an empowering model that enhances your earnings with competitive commission splits and personalized service packages.
Providing a technology-driven platform that enables you to manage your business seamlessly from any location.
Building an engaged community of Doorlight Advisors, who are not just agents but your partners in creating value with purpose and integrity​​​​​​.

If you’re an independent, driven individual who thrives on leveraging technology to work smarter and values personal growth alongside a supportive team, Doorlight is for you. We diverge from traditional brokerages by eliminating unnecessary overhead, thereby offering clear and cost-effective services that put more of your earned commission in your pocket​​.
Doorlight embraces flexibility, offering both a physical office in Silicon Valley and the option to work virtually. This hybrid model ensures you have the freedom to choose your workspace while still enjoying the benefits of industry-leading support and community engagement​​.
Yes, Doorlight Advisors have access to ongoing training opportunities. We ensure you’re equipped with the latest industry insights and practices to excel in the Bay Area’s dynamic real estate market. Our collaborative approach means you’re always learning and growing with the support of our seasoned professionals​​​​.

Reach out to us directly to start a conversation about your future with Doorlight. We’re eager to discuss our innovative models, technology, and how we help you build your brand and business. Contact us at hello@doorlight.com for a personalized introduction to our team and services.

Doorlight values teamwork and offers specialized plans to support team dynamics and growth. Get in touch with us, and we’ll tailor the conversation to address your team’s specific needs and how Doorlight’s model can best support your collective success. Contact us at hello@doorlight.com for a personalized introduction to our team and services.